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4193 The London Escape is a Pirates of the Caribbean set released on April 18 2011.

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Building: The main portion of the set is a European styled tavern named "The Captain's Daughter." The building is composed of two different sections intertwined with a hinge so it can easily be opened and closed. The front section has slopes faced at the wall, and an opening and closing door and window in between.[1] On the left side of the front section is a chimney with an opening and closing furnace door.[2] The second floor of the front section has a tile placed a stud outward with slopes faced at the wall with a window in between.[3] The roof can be hinged down so it can easily be played with. The second section has the same slope technique with a "mouse hole", a torch, and a window in between. On the second floor of the second section is a tile placed a stud outward. It has slopes facing at the wall with a window in between. The roof of the second section is built with slopes.

Carriage: The carriage has a treasure chest at the back, and a sitting room at the centre with opening and closing side doors.[4] The front has a turning system to turn the front wheels and the horse accurately.[5]

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  • In the British Summer 2011 LEGO Catalogue, this set is priced at £46.99. Description Edit

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(Images from the 2011 New York toy fair are courtesy of fbtb)

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