NRG Zane

Zane is the ninja of ice, and also a nindroid. He currently has six variations, which are as follows: Zane, Zane DX, Zane ZX, Kendo Zane, Nrg Zane, and a microfigure version of Zane. Zane was first introduced attacking Kai, along with Cole and Jay. He apparently has no sense of humor and was found by Sensei Wu, holding his breath and meditating under water.He wears a white ice ninja suit. In the episode "Tick Tock", Zane found out that he was a robot and that his father was an inventor who created him. He was made to protect people who could not protect themselves. When the inventor died, the inventor switched off Zane's memories when he pushed the humor switch. Zane was the first t


o unlock his full potential.

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